4th Annual

Bull City International

       Film Festival

      March 5-8, 2021


Tickets available Feb. 15 at 9am

BCFF: Going Virtual

Due to COVID-19, the 4th Annual Bull City International Film Festival will be held as a virtual event. Films will be available to view online between March 5, 7pm through March 8 until 11pm EST. We are looking forward to bringing wonderful films (and filmmakers) from all over the world right to your home.

For only $14.99 The Virtual All Access Pass will allow you to watch all films in the festival on your own schedule. There will also be interviews with filmmakers and writers and other events. Tickets will go on sale Feb. 15

BCFF’s mission is to develop, promote and sustain a film festival that supports new media and independent film making in North Carolina and around the world while engaging audiences with new cultural and entertainment opportunities. 

Our goal is to produce unique programming that showcases excellence in writing and filmmaking.

To maintain this we ask you to consider making a financial contribution to help further our commitment to storytelling.




5 Feature Films and 25 Shorts!

A Savage Nature

A seemingly perfect couple must defend themselves from home invaders, but secrets spill and double-crossings unfold throughout the night. (Reston, VA)

Electric Jesus

An Alabama preacher's daughter runs off with a touring Christian hair metal band during the summer of 1986. Electric Jesus is a wistful coming-of-age music-comedy reminiscent of The Commitments, That Thing You Do, and Sing Street — a rock-and-roll movie about a band that never "goes all the way."  (Greenville, SC)

Monkey Beach

 A young woman with magical abilities reflects on her life as she awaits news about her brother, who has gone missing at sea.

(British Columbia)

Death Drop Gorgeous

A dejected bartender and an aging drag queen try to survive the eccentric and hostile nightlife of a corrupt city as a masked maniac slaughters young gay men and drains them of blood.

(Rhode Island)

The Colour of Spring

As their relationship unravels, and a mysterious woman threatens to further tear them apart, Sarah and Sam are forced to confront the anger and hurt that they have built between themselves. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Short Films: 

A Stranger Comes Home

It's the night before Christmas Eve and a little boy discovers a burglar in his home. The burglar claims to be his estranged grandmother and she wants the boy to help her look for valuables. The boy however, is looking for something completely different. (Norway)

Gramps' Moving On

Robert, a disinterested widowed grandfather, is convinced by his millennial grandson to try online dating. (New York)


David needs help. So does David.
A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. But he’s not the only one who needs help. Stars Will Ferrell. (United States)


A jaded alcoholic has his world view challenged by an unexpected act.  (North Carolina)

Your Last Day On Earth

A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. (Spain)

Dolapo is Fine


Soon to leave her British boarding school and enter the working world, a young Black woman faces pressure to change her name and natural hairstyle. (United Kingdom)

When Freddy and Martin learn that the warehouse where they work is closing down, the news throws the two friends into a tailspin. (New York)


A Native American country singer is court ordered to 180 days of wellness therapy after 10 years of reckless alcoholism. (series pilot)



Good Thanks, You?

Would you tell your partner everything? Even the unspeakable? (United Kingdom)


A young newly married couple settle into their new apartment. When Eleanor's mother comes to dinner she realises that there's some things that she needs to face up to. (United Kingdom)

The Rotation

There is a war between two tribes on claiming the sun in the sky.



La Rafaga (The Gust)

A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) & Seeta (Winter).  (India)

Weeks after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico, a lonely middle-aged man finds himself obsessing with his squatter neighbor, a young closeted and tormented athlete who insistently pursues his attention. (Puerto Rico)

The Killer of Grassy Ridge

Deep in the Shenandoah backcountry, a killer stalks for prey.


Odd Bird


Lancaster Park

 A young man journeys back to his old country home to reveal a big secret. (California)

A mother helps an elderly woman in a shopping mall in Tehran. A tragedy occurs, brutally confronting her to the impact of her actions. (Iran)

A single mother assumes the worst of her daughter. After destroying what she believes to be incriminating evidence she becomes lost in the desert where she learns that not everyone is as they seem.


Heat Wave

Zoey returns to her family’s Connecticut home for a family reunion, only to learn that the reunion has been cancelled and her father has left her mother. (Connecticut)

Monkey's Blood

When Audrey- Shamborough's most miserable traffic warden- gives an illegally parked ice cream van a ticket... she unknowingly evokes the wrath of the violent local mafia, who soon embroil her in their mysterious plan!

(United Kingdom)

GREETINGS FROM SARAJEVO is a story of vengeance and possibly of redemption. (New York)

On The Whistle

A suburban basketball star struggles to impress the uncompromising coach at his new inner-city school.


The Quiet Shore

An ALS-diagnosed artist and her husband contend with growing marital problems and diminishing time together over a weekend clinical visit. (Texas)


When a young boy encounters a troubled teen with a 3D printed gun the boy desires to possess one of his own. 



Genesis is an animated short film about being creative and loving what you create! Inspired by the book of Genesis.

(North Carolina)

A Tea Party for Sad People

When Ziva happens upon an invitation to a Tea Party for Sad People, she is drawn into a surreal Purgatory where sadness is sought for all the wrong reasons. (Australia) 


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